About vPostcard

vPostcard is an initiative that aims to tap into the power of the local community to make a difference. It’s designed to help people stay connected, help local businesses thrive and remind everyone of the magic that’s in their own backyard. All you need to do is send a postcard to invite your friends and family to visit our beautiful region.

We will also be running regular promotions and competitions and featuring local stories. We would love to receive your ideas for new postcards or local stories too.

How it helps

It’s always great catching up with friends and family but doing it in your own backyard also makes a world of difference to our local economy. One visit from a couple of friends who stay just three nights would deliver nearly a thousand dollars into the community. If only 5% of our community sent a postcard inviting a friend and they each got the same response it would pump around $1.23 million into our local economy.

The more people who take action, the greater the benefits to our region.

How it works

Put simply, send a postcard, invite a friend.

To send a postcard just click on one of the postcard galleries, select the postcard you want to send, fill in the details – your friend’s name and email address, your name, email address and personal message. Then press preview. If you are happy with all the details, just hit send.

You can send the same postcard to up to ten people and you can send as many postcards as you like, each with their own personal message. The more the better. If you prefer, you can send the postcard via a post or private message on Facebook or check out the destination’s Instragram or Pinterest page too.

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