All aboard for a cruise into our heritage

There is little doubt that at a time like now we often reflect on the past, letting our minds wander through history. Stepping back in time is also a great way to reconnect with the places we wish to explore and characters who we’d love to meet again.

Where better to start than aboard one of the myriad boats that once roamed the mighty Murray River and Lake Mulwala.

Today, the heritage of these vessels, which ferried people and produce between Victoria and New South Wales is being restored, with new experiences that await those who are eager to relive a bygone era.

There is little doubt that the Yarrawonga Mulwala punts and paddle streamers and the characters who captained them, helped shape our region. The stories are legendary and immersed in intrigue, from transporting livestock and travellers through to the forging of new industries.

The passion and commitment to this heritage has resulted in the restoration of one of the punts as well as a paddle steamer, PS Cumberoona. While a relatively recent arrival to Lake Mulwala, P.S. Cumberoona is a replica of the early paddle steamers and is named after the original Cumberoona, which was launched at Echuca in 1866.

Thanks to the dedication of the Knowles family, P.S. Cumberoona has returned to the waters of the Murray River and Lake Mulwala, albeit with a contemporary twist thanks to collaboration with local restaurant The Naked Tree and quality produce suppliers from around the region. Offering a wide range of leisure cruises, coupled with outstanding hospitality, it’s a great way to experience part of Australia’s history, first hand. To find out more, visit

For more of the history and heritage of the punts and paddle steamers of Yarrawonga Mulwala, including some great photos of some of the originals like the P.S. Australien and P.S. Pilot, visit the Yarrawonga Mulwala Historical Society’s website