Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most

Author: Moira Shire Council

Organisation: Moira Shire Council

There has never been a more important time to reach out to our friends and family. There is little doubt that we all know someone who must be feeling the challenges served up by COVID-19. For some of us, it is juggling the needs of home schooling while trying to look professional on yet another video-conference. For others, it might be the challenges of running a business or trying to access health care across State borders, tackling significant financial pressures or trying to recover from the devastating bushfires. Last although by no means least, are those who are deeply affected by the loneliness of social isolation or the loss of a loved one.

We can’t solve these problems but we can make a small difference by making it even easier to keep in touch.

Reconnecting with our family and friends is so important. Right now, it might feel overwhelming but sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

By simply sending a message of support and hope, we can let our friends and family know that we care and look forward to being reunited when the restrictions are eased and we can spend time together again.

Moira Shire has been exploring new ways to make it easier for our residents to send a simple message of support. As part of our approach, we’ve created a series of locally inspired postcards you can email. Just visit the Reconnect to Reunite Gallery, where there is a choice of 24 different postcards for you to send. They are ready and waiting for you to add your own personal message.

3. Reconnect to Reunite - Colour me in postcard

The other galleries have lots of postcards that showcase all the wonderful things there are to do in Sun Country, providing plenty of inspiration for your friends and family to visit when the time is right.

As part of our vPostcard initiative, we’ve also partnered with our local newspapers to tell you all about it and distribute free printed postcards for you to send too. A special inclusion is a postcard that kids can colour in and post with their own message. At a time like this, an old-fashioned postcard might just bring a smile to someone’s face. When next in town, please look out for them.

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